This model is based on a modified Toyota Hilux by Arctic Trucks, as seen in the Top Gear polar special. The frame, suspension, exhaust system and drivetrain were all modeled before starting on the body of the truck. All modeling and rendering for this project was done in MODO.


The goal of this project was to create a partial character as realistically as possible. I chose a gorilla in order to branch out away from humans into animals. Since armor was a requirement of the project, retro-space-esque armor was created on the fly using a rough sketch. The base mesh was created in Maya, detailed and painted in Zbrush, with hard surface modeling and rendering finished in Maya. Final renders done with a mid-poly mesh with normal-mapped detail.


This is an original vehicle created for an animated short called Snap. The design is based on a few cars from the 1960s, most notably a Mitsubishi and a Datsun (hence the name). The car was modeled using a sub-d workflow in Maya, UVs were created, and a simple rig was created and applied.


The main idea behind this project was to create three dieselpunk weapons. 15 silhouettes were created for each of three different weapon types. From each set of silhouettes, one final design was chosen, then fleshed out using Photoshop. The 2d designs were then used as reference to model high poly versions of each weapon in MODO. The unwrapped models were then textured using Photoshop, and finally rendered in MODO.


The inspiration behind this project was a high speed camera shot of a gun firing. The scene was created using Maya fluid and several animated emitters and forces. This project was particularly system intensive, taking many hours to cache and playblast each time tweaks were made. The pistol was exported from MODO into Maya as an .obj.


This was a combination of a personal project and an assigned project focused around texturing. The robot character was modeled in 3ds Max. After importing to Maya, all background geometry was modeled and UVs were created. The scene uses a total of eleven 2048x2048 maps, all created by hand in Photoshop.


For this project, individual LEGO pieces were modeled and assembled in 3d. In all, over 100 unique pieces were created. Instructions for the real model were used for assembly. Using wire parameters in 3dx Max, the gear system was linked up to reflect how the real model operates. When the dial at the rear is turned, a gear ratio opens or closes the wings.


This is another original design created for Snap. It is based on SLR designs from the 1960s, mainly Pentax and Canon. It was modeled and rigged in Maya, and textured in Photoshop.


Snap is an animated short I wrote and co-directed about a man who buys a camera, and it becomes part of his life. A team of nine students, including myself, worked on this film for the better part of five months, and it screened at the Colonial theater in Sacramento in 2016. In addition to writing, I also created props and environmental models for the film, before helping to animate the entire piece.


This was a group animation project, completed in 10 weeks. I was responsible for animation and coloring, in addition to logo design. In 2015 Kibblez 'N B!#©h was screened at the Guild Theater in Sacramento, and in 2016 won a Next Talent Award from The Art Institute of California, Sacramento for "Best Animation Studio Production."